4. KIm’s dynasty, The research into the unknown state

How can visual strategies be used as a tool to critique the visual representations of Kim’s dynasty?

“In North Korea it is illegal to crop or fold an image of the Leader, as a portrait on the wall or within in a newspaper. These long standing absurd prohibitions show the ingrained depth of repression within the country and how the Kim family dynasty is concerned about the subversive effect of the image. The newspapers and portraits shown here, aim to explore how visual strategies of subtle changes can generate negative meaning to their projected public image, challenging the Cult of Personality enforced within the country.”

There are three main sections from my outcome, categorised by different approaches. The first one is to critique Kim’s character which being present through several artefacts. The second one is to investigate the reactions of people who surround Kim’s family. Then the last part explores the background which has been created by the North Korean authority with an aim to exaggerate the personality of three Kim.

Vol.1 - Kim’s character

Vol.2 - People’s surroundings

Vol.3 - atmosphere